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​Winnie Chinese Dance

      Winnie中国舞工作室创立于2022年5月,是波特兰/小温哥华地区唯一一间专业中国舞培训工作室。致力于推广中国传统民族民间舞文化艺术,以高品质专业师资和系统教材为教学方案,科学、严谨、 规范的教学模式挖掘学员舞蹈天赋,进阶提升舞蹈水平。


     彼岸很远 以舞为帆  让我们一起领略中国传统文化底蕴。

     Winnie Chinese Dance Studio creaded in May 2022,  is the only professional Chinese dance training studio in the Portland/ Vancouver . WA area. Committed to promoting traditional Chinese ethnic and folk dance culture and art, with high-quality professional teachers and systematic teaching materials as the teaching plan, scientific, rigorous and standardized teaching mode to tap students' dance talent and further improve dance level.

    The studio provides all students with more than 2 performances or competitions per year, so that students have the courage to show themselves, enhance their self-confidence and courage, and undertake community cultural promotion performances to popularize Chinese ethnic folk dance art.

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